Haim Shfaram – Software Development Manager

Haim ShfaramHaim is a veteran of Transway, having been with the company since 1997. He is a true expert with volumes of experience in the field of ticketing and transportation. Before joining Transway, Haim lectured and taught computer programming at the Sivan College. During his tenure at Transway, Haim has led various teams in different design projects. As a system architect, Haim has built the overall ticketing scheme and architecture for Egged, the new Ticket Issuing Machine (TIM 7000) and other major projects at the company. In addition to having a birds eye view of the project, Haim understands technology at its base level, and has also led teams on the security aspects of the project, including the smart cards, encryption and authentication aspects. He plays a key role in the software side of the ticketing machines. Haim’s experience in planning, programming and team leadership are all key to the projects’ success.

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