Koby Michelsohn – VP R&D

Koby MichelsohnKoby Michelsohn is the VP R&D at Transway.  He is involved in all of the technological aspects of Automatic Fare CollectionSystems (AFRC).  During the past 12 years, he has worked in the definition, development, production and testing of mobile command & control systems, using cellular, satellite and VHF communication. This activity included large scale of applications to customers in Israel, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Cyprus and other countries worldwide.  Such projects involve the integration of solutions from self-developing products and Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) products.

Through his experience at Transway, and previously at Trilogical Technologies, Koby has gained vast experience in all of the stages of a project’s development process and through to the implementation.  This means that Koby is intimately involved in a project from the definition and marketing stages until final acceptance tests.

Before his current role as VP R&D, Koby started as a hardware engineer, moved on to R&D management, and C.O.O. In each of these roles he has brought his unique experience in hardware and software together with a rare talent in human interfacing, which allows Koby to foster and understand of the distinct needs of the customer.

Koby holds a Bsc in Electronics Engineering from The Academic College of Tel Aviv, where he received an award of excellence for his project in the field of “supervision and control of home automation.” He also holds a degree in Management from the Leadership Management Institute (LMI).

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