Lior Ben Simon – CFO

lior ben simonLior Ben Simon is the CFO of Transway, and has been with the ORT group for over ten (10) years. Mr. Ben Simon also serves as the Finance Director of ORT, as well as for Orpak. Previously he held a senior position in KPMG. Lior holds a Masters of Law from the Bar Ilan University in Israel. Before that, he graduated from the Ruppin College with a BA in Economics and Accounting with honors. Lior also has a CPA license. Lior brings a wealth of experience in finance and accounting with global companies. He is involved in the long term planning of the company and advices on matters relating to budgeting, planning as well as forecasting. Mr. Ben Simon also has expertise in international and local taxation. Under Lior’s financial leadership, the company manages a healthy credit policy that allows it to both grow the business while keeping its future in check. Lior Ben Simon is a great asset to the company who brings both creativity and experience to the table.

Transway's professional staff

Transway's professional staff, coupled with years of experience in transit projects works to your advantage.