Blank Card Generator Station

Ticket Management SystemNot all passengers need personalization and not everyone will bother to go to the personalization station, even if they are eligible for a discount there. Many passengers will vie for a plain blank card that has no special contract or travel plan, that provides them with a convenient way to utilize the mass transit system. A Public Transport Ticketing System needs to provide a solution to these passengers that seemlessly integrates into the Ticket Management System.

Transway offers a station that allows you to quickly and accurately issue prepaid cards to your passengers. Different pre-paid amounts can be programmed onto the cards. These cards can be sold anywhere and everywhere, including but not limited to platforms, drivers, or even convenience stores, depending on your point of sales strategy and policy. The cards can be used on the onboard ticket machines as well as platform and onboard validators.

This machine automates the issuing of cards in bulk, up to 1,200 cards per hour. The basic model includes a card cartridge for up to 500 empty smart cards, which can be programmed according to your choice. Different amounts can be used for different batches, and graphics can also be added to the card. New security cryptographic keys can also be added as part of the process.

Finally, you can rest assured that the cards issued are in working condition when sold to the passengers. All cards are tested after the loading process and faulty cards are separated and ejected into a special bin.



Transway develops, manufactures and assembles hardware for automated ticketing solutions. These machines and devices are designed to be sturdy and strong, and to withstand a wide array of weather conditions – heat, cold, rain, humidity, dust and snow. They need to withstand the entire gamut of road conditions as well. Even though they are tough and durable, they are also aesthetically appealing and intuitive to use, so that both drivers and passengers have an effortless experience during the boarding and alighting of the vehicle.

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