Tariff and Operational Data Maintenance with TapNGo

In any Ticket Management System fare changes occur, and when they do, it is imperative that these changes can be made quickly and uniformly to the Ticketing Machines, Ticket Dispensing Machines, Ticket Kiosks and other devices out in the field. Transway’s Ticket Management System is capable of updating the various devices, be they Ticket Machines (driver consoles), Handheld Devices, or Ticket Vending Machines. The new intuitive GUI makes it quick and easy to execute tariff and operational related changes and updates to the field.

The bidirectional communications between the Ticket Machine devices and the TapNGo back office system and stations allows for a quick and reliable change of tariffs or other operational data. The system is monitored 24/7. That means that you have knowledge of faults, penetration attempts and breaches.

Ticket Management SystemInformation that comes from the server to the Ticket Machine and other devices include firmware updates, pricing updates, new lines, and new types of passengers, just to name a few. The TapNGo Back Office tariff and operational data maintenance feature also controls which lines can be open for the driver, and can limit the driver to sell tickets relevant for those line(s).

When executing these updates to the Ticketing Machines in the field, you are automatically informed of which Ticket Machines have been updated, and which have not. All Ticket Machines should receive the updates within a few minutes, but in case of any mishaps, you will know which Ticket Machines did not get the update.

The TapNGo back office system supports flat fares, zonal fares, or distance based fares, which often need to be changed or updated. The TapNGo back office Ticket Management System makes these changes seamless and simple. In addition, your Ticket Dispenser Machines can also hold two (2) pricelists simultaneously. This is helpful when updated prices on a future date. The Ticket Machines will use the current pricelist up until the exact date and time that the new pricelist comes into effect.

The TapNGo Back Office has interfacing capabilities with current systems already in place in the organization. For example, data from HR, finance or fleet management programs can be utilized by Transway’s TapNGo Back Office. It also can support multi company transit operations, and is able to grow together with the transit authority. The built in clearing house capabilities and report generator means that the cash flow is secure and quick, and that management can keep on top of the latest trends and developments.


Transway develops, manufactures and assembles hardware for automated ticketing solutions. These machines and devices are designed to be sturdy and strong, and to withstand a wide array of weather conditions – heat, cold, rain, humidity, dust and snow. They need to withstand the entire gamut of road conditions as well. Even though they are tough and durable, they are also aesthetically appealing and intuitive to use, so that both drivers and passengers have an effortless experience during the boarding and alighting of the vehicle.

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