Management: Ticket Management Systems

The Transway team is a group of educated, experienced and dedicated experts in the field of ticket management systems for public transportation.  Graduates of the finest Israeli and international engineering and business schools, the leadership team offers the best talent for planning, preparing, executing and maintaining highly scalable ticket management systems that will allow you to optimize your fleet of buses and vehicles.  Engineers with expertise in the actual hardware of the ticket machines, as well as the software of the electronic ticketing systems work to your advantage, as this experience means sturdy and robust products that take advantage of the current technologies available.   

Moshe Panijel

Moshe Panijel – CEO

Moshe Panijel has served as CEO of Transway since 2006. As CEO, Moshe has made the company profitable. In addition to leading the company to profitability, Moshe has been key in new directions in product development, including the new touch screen interface… Read More
ehud berliner

Ehud Berliner – VP Operations and Projects

Ehud (Udi) Berliner brings over 15 years of experience to Transway with a rich and expansive knowledge about managing large scale projects. Udi has the ultimate responsibility for the smooth implementation of large scale mass transportation ticketing… Read More
Koby Michelsohn

Koby Michelsohn – VP R&D

Koby Michelsohn is the VP R&D at Transway. He is involved in all of the technological aspects of Automatic Fare CollectionSystems (AFRC). During the past 12 years, he has worked in the definition, development, production and testing of mobile command &… Read More
David Zeldin

David Zeldin – VP Sales and Marketing

David Zeldin is the VP Sales and Marketing at Transway. David is responsible for the worldwide sales, partners, business development and marketing for Transway. He has 20 years of experience in sales, marketing and business development at different hi-tech… Read More
lior ben simon

Lior Ben Simon – CFO

Lior Ben Simon is the CFO of Transway, and has been with the ORT group for over ten (10) years. Mr. Ben Simon also serves as the Finance Director of ORT, as well as for Orpak. Previously he held a senior position in KPMG. Lior holds a Masters of Law from the… Read More
Haim Shfaram

Haim Shfaram – Software Development Manager

Haim is a veteran of Transway, having been with the company since 1997. He is a true expert with volumes of experience in the field of ticketing and transportation. Before joining Transway, Haim lectured and taught computer programming at the Sivan College.… Read More

Transway's professional staff

Transway's professional staff, coupled with years of experience in transit projects works to your advantage.


Transway develops, manufactures and assembles hardware for automated ticketing solutions. These machines and devices are designed to be sturdy and strong, and to withstand a wide array of weather conditions – heat, cold, rain, humidity, dust and snow. They need to withstand the entire gamut of road conditions as well. Even though they are tough and durable, they are also aesthetically appealing and intuitive to use, so that both drivers and passengers have an effortless experience during the boarding and alighting of the vehicle.

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